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Law enforcement software for the 21st century.

The power to turn data into intelligent, timely, effective, trusted, actionable information is now here.

Arx Alert is the leading management & community awareness platform for public safety. Developed to identify and alert you to critical activity and community challenges.Arx Alert, provides a 360 degree view of every officer and every encounter, every day. Empowering law enforcement agency accountability and transparency to the community they serve.

— Charles Craft | Chief of Police, Ret. | Troy MI

So what does modern day police management look like?

Police Dept of 2,500 using Arx Alert got these results:

  • $5.1 million saved in lawsuit payouts
  • 62% decrease in lawsuits filed
  • 36% reduction in complaints
  • 51% decrease in payouts
  • 22% decrease in use of force
Dashboard Overview
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Risk Management

Arx Alert Intelligent Risk Management is a fully integrated risk management application that is designed to help prevent problems from happening your agency.

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Professional Standards

Arx Alert Intelligent Case Management for Professional Standards is a fully integrated application to help you manage cases efficiently, effectively, and intelligently, improving accountability trust and transparency.

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Arx Alert Intelligent Forms is a fully integrated application that saves your command staff and officers time by creating an easy and familiar way to collect data, eliminating redundant data entry and handwriting critical internal forms.

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Intake & Monitoring

Arx Alert Intelligent Intake & Monitoring is a fully integrated application that proactively protects your department from lawsuits and risks associated with having a holding facility.

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Arx Alert Intelligent Wellness is a fully integrated application committed to leveraging artificial intelligence in raising awareness around the importance of officer mental wellness and providing corresponding resources to help.

An intelligent leader is  
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Chief of Police
“I want to be a proactive manager, not reactive. Attempting to analyze a huge amount of disconnected personnel information is overwhelming and often humanly impossible. I need to keep my officers and citizens safe, and limit risk to the best of my ability. “
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County Sheriff

“As the county sheriff I am responsible for law enforcement on a county level, ensuring that all local, state, and federal laws are followed. It is critical that I have a proactive technology platform that allows me to effectively, manage a department that is in charge of protecting people and property and maintaining order.”

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“I manage a lot of personnel information from a lot of fragmented sources, both paper and digital, to keep me and my superiors informed. I would like a modern day solution that allows me to be more proactive, efficient and effective in my job.”

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Director of Public Safety

“As the director of public safety I oversee the safety services for citizens in a city, county, or in another large, shared space. I work closely with the police and fire chief to develop procedures and policies to protect citizens. ”

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“Law enforcement is always my biggest loss and the problems are increasing, not decreasing. I need law enforcement agencies to be proactive in managing their risks and a way for me to identify the high-risk agencies so I can better align my resources to help them reduce risks.”

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“As the CEO of my city, I am responsible for the health and well being of the community. I need a modern day police force my public safety officials leveraging modern technology to manage personnel to insure our officers are safe, and our behind my initiatives community knows we are looking after them.”

How does it help me?


With cloud data storage, automate workflow, and internal processes to save you time.


Watch and optimize your organization with software that learns and monitors learning software that monitors behavior to improve its effectiveness.


Stay ahead of the curve with intelligent risk management predictions. Learn from mistakes the first time by identifying potential risks before they become a lawsuit.


The more data you give the system to analyze, the better it becomes at predicting actions. Turn off, turn on, or optimize alerts to best fit your current needs.


Customized alerts save you time, money and prepare you to intervene at a moment’s notice. Access your dashboard in the field and on the go.


Tailored dashboards help visual job functions with graphs and real-time reporting to ensure you make the right decisions.

Proactive is the word for 21st century protecting and serving.

Want to learn how Arx Alert can help you become a more informed and effective police force?