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Common Demo Questions

How long does it take?

Plan for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your industry requirements and a Q&A session.

How many people should join?

You only need one person who should be your highest ranking official that would be involved with the platform. If you have technical questions, please feel free to include sometime from your IT or development team.

Where do we meet?

We can either an in-person or online demo. That mostly depends where you are based out of and how big your organization is. If you would like an in-person meeting, please bring it to our attention.

What kind of content will we cover?

We will cover workflow of the platform which includes data we capture, how the system identifies risk, dashboard and flexible reporting, mitigation and continuous monitoring, how we would integrate with your existing systems and/or how you would use the system “out of the box” if applicable.

What do I need to provide you before the demo?

If you have any sample datasets you can share beforehand, we will make sure to review and integrate it into our presentation. It would be helpful to know the number of officers or users in your organization, the top 3-5 areas of risk you think you currently have, and how quickly your risk management plan needs to be launched. Please bring it to our attention as far in advance as possible.

Should I bring anything?

Please simply have a laptop and Internet access ready during your demo.

What happens after the demo is over?

We will provide you with a pricing proposal that identifies and assesses your key pain points, as well as an estimate for how long it would take to integrate and launch with your current systems. If you are looking for an “out of the box” solution, please bring it to our attention.