Intelligent Forms

Arx Alert Intelligent Forms is a fully integrated digital forms application that saves your command staff and officers time by creating an easy and familiar way to collect data, eliminating redundant data entry and handwriting critical internal forms

Key Features

  • Digital forms that look like your department’s existing paper forms
  • Configurable form workflows according to your policy
  • Monitor form review compliance and alert supervisors of missed reviews
  • Advanced search capability of data and information
  • Seamless data integration utilizing the ArxAlert Platform

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate paper forms and create a digital department
  • Save 60% of an officer’s time in form writing
  • Improve department-wide productivity with automated workflows
  • Maintain compliance and ensure forms don’t “fall through the cracks”
  • Faster access to digital forms and avoids a “research project”
Dashboard Forms
“Reduce your department’s paper form workload with ArxAlert Intelligent Forms. Intelligent digital forms, all in one place.”
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