Intelligent Professional Standards

Arx Alert Intelligent Professional Standards is a fully integrated case management application that helps you manage cases efficiently, effectively, and intelligently, improving accountability trust and transparency.

Key Features

  • Advanced search of case data
  • Upload information and data from external sources
  • Track and manage case status
  • Automated workflow for case management
  • Seemless data integration using Arx Alert platform

Key Benefits

  • Integrated with the Arx Alert Intelligent Management Software and external data sources such as RMS and body cam data, investigators have access to relevant information in a centralized view.
  • An intelligent workflow helps guide the investigator through the process to ensure that no steps are missed and they have a high quality investigation.
  • Integrated with the Arx Alert Executive Dashboard, the Chief of Police has visibility of the case management progress and is notified when an investigation is complete.
  • If processes are missed and deadlines are passed, the Chief of Police and the Professional Standards Commander are alerted to remediate the problem.
Arx Alert integrates with your existing RMS.
Proactive is the word for 21st century protecting and serving.

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