Consolidate vast amounts of unconnected data to intelligently identify problems.

Risk Management

Management Awareness Software Platform

Identify at-risk behavior before it escalates, in one centralized database.

  • Digitize cumbersome data you are already collecting
  • Create internal risk indicators
  • View intelligent, integrated data on one centralized dashboard dashboard
  • Mitigate liability with an automated workflow that allows you to correct risk identified in your organization
Dashboard Overview
All of your data in one place.

Professional Standards

Arx Alert Case Management for Professional Standards is a fully integrated app to help you manage cases efficiently, effectively, and intelligently.

Increase management awareness of behavior before it becomes a problem.

Improve accountability, trust, and transparency.


Arx Alert consolidates multiple data systems already in use.

Arx Alert Intelligent Forms application takes your agency from analog to digital by creating an easy and familiar way to collect data, eliminating redundant data entry and handwriting critical internal forms.

Dashboard Forms
Ensure forms are completed on time.

Intake & Monitoring

Have peace of mind that your lockup is proactively monitored with Arx Alert Intake & Monitoring.

Dashboard of detainee information and cell check timer.

  • Centralized detainee lockup history
  • Eliminate medical indifference
  • Care/well-being checks
  • Stay comploant with lockup policy and procedures
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Intelligent lockup monitoring, all in one centralized database.


Arx Alert Intelligent Wellness application raises awareness around officer mental wellness and provides corresponding direction and resources to ensure appropriate action is taken in your agency.

Mental health is an often, overlooked component of officer safety and wellness.

Dashboard Interventionstrategy
Arx Alert raises awareness around officer mental wellness and provides corresponding direction.
Proactive is the word for 21st century protecting and serving.

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