Intelligent Wellness

Arx Alert Intelligent Wellness is a fully integrated Wellness application that leverages artificial intelligence in raising awareness around the importance of officer mental wellness and providing corresponding resources to help.

Key Features

  • Monitor officers’ behavior on scene to determine if anyone needs immediate assistance
  • Ensure that a mental health provider or supervisor checks in with all officers involved before the end of shift
  • Provide key wellness data points to determine need to consult with the chief and command staff as appropriate and permissible by policy
  • Provide critical information about available mental health resources with officers and connecting with officers’ family members if needed
  • Provide officers with readily available access to a professional who is able to support minor challenges they are confronting
  • Identify officers who may be in need of structured counseling or support and working with those officers to provide them with appropriate resources

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the stigma associated with counseling and accessing services and encourage officers to focus on their emotional wellness
  • Familiarize officers with a mental health professional so if the need for structured services arises an officer is more likely to engage with that familiar professional
  • Help the practitioner develop a working understanding of the department culture and officers so they are best prepared to provide culturally competent support when the need inevitably arises in the future
  • Foster a culture of emotional wellness within the department and advance the understanding that high levels of stress are an inextricable part of the profession and are best navigated proactively
Intervention Strategy
“Mental health meets internal departmental health with Arx Alert Intelligent Wellness. Intelligent case management, all in one place.”
Proactive is the word for 21st century protecting and serving.

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